Manual Hand Coffee Bean Grinder Stainless Burr Ceramic Core Glass Jar


48 in stock


48 in stock

This manual had operated coffee grinder will give the most aromatic coffee to enjoy! This coffee grinder has a ceramic burr which will not add heat during grinding, to preserve the natural taste and flavour. of the coffee.

Choose coarseness by simply turning the screw. Turn clockwise for fine grinding, to turn anti-clockwise for coarse grinding.

The jar has a non-slip base and protective lid for stability and to keep coffee beans from bouncing whilst grinding. It comes with an extra glass jar with lid to store ground coffee easily.


  • Dissembles into parts for easy cleaning and washing.
  • Silicone lid lift easily to allow you to fill the grinder with coffee beans
  • Extra canister and lid for storage of ground coffee
  • Long stainless steel handle
  • Burr core preserves coffee taste
  • Visible capacity
  • Grinds coffee beans, sesame, herbs, grains, spices etc


  • Large Size: 350ml
  • Material: Glass, Stainless Steel and Silicone
  • Size (cm): 21(h) x 17 (w)
  • Base: 10cm diameter
  • Come packed in box with instructions on packaging
  • Coffee beans NOT included


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