Close Grip Seated Row Handle Bar Triangle Cable Attachment


A simple design that’s persevered through the years, this Close Grip Triangle Row is the product of decades of trial and error and is now the perfect piece of equipment to help you reach your goals!
Heavy duty construction paired with marvellous engineering design, this cable attachment can take a beating like no other while maintaining strength and safety – letting you focus on nothing but your workout for years to come.
Carefully designed to fit all cable equipment, this versatile item is perfect for both home use and for going out to the gym – letting you practice a wide array of exercises made to work your entire body. From your arms to your core and even your legs, take your fitness routine to the next level and develop your entire body into a rock hard example of physical greatness!
Lift yourself up to new heights with this Close Grip Triangle Row Bar now!
Solid contoured chrome handles with knurling
Allows for a huge range of exercises
One-piece solid construction handle
Heavy duty steel design

17cm: Inside handle length


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